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The skinny on Intimate Lightening

What is intimate lightening?

Intimate lightening is a process by which Dr. Mathias uses a pixelated CO2 laser to target the melanin in you skin. When the melanin grows back, your skin appears more even and oftentimes has a pinker, more attractive appearance. At HavenMD, we are experts in vaginal, inner thigh, and anal lightening. Our treatment is the top of the line, strongest treatment you can receive to provide a more youthful appearance of your intimate area.


Why does darkening happen?

Often times, waxing, shaving, or wearing tight pants contributes to intimate darkening. Hormonal fluctuations, such as a recent pregnancy or pre menopausal estrogen fluctuations, can also cause intimate area darkening. Our treatment is completely safe and helps lighten the color of your intimate region from dark to pink.


Can men get this done?

Absolutely! Dr. Mathias performs this procedure on men routinely. It is often performed in conjunction with our other intimate rejuvenation treatments to help you feel your best inside & out.


What is the process like?

First, we numb the area with a very strong topical analgesic. Then, Dr. Mathias will use a pixelated CO2 laser machine to ensure your skin lightening experience is as quick, effective and safe as possible. We do not prescribe topical lightening creams, as we have found these to be anecdotally ineffective and potentially harmful to our clients.

The melanin in your skin cells are made to regenerate evenly, resulting in a more pink and even glow. Many patients see results after one session, though most clients will do 3-4 treatments for the most effective and long-lasting results.


I'm ready! What's next?

Great! Head to the top of this page on the right hand side to get started. Let's get you on track to feeling your best by booking a consultation! We can even do an online consultation if you are traveling from a distance, as many of our clients do.  See you soon!

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